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ART BOX 2018



JR TOWER the first floor east concourse / Sapporo Station

2018.6.1 - 8.31

This is textile which solidified in one year that author lived in.
We are made based on receipt for one year when we obtained in daily life.
Own secretage made by hand is to stare at self and is what we ask about self.
As for the work, memory that there was there at the moment became thing and appeared and solidified as accumulation body.
We forget and focus on thing not to be usually conscious of of spider,
It is act to pick them up with consciousness, and to give up in the future.


Gallery Pocke/Tokyo

2016.12.14 - 19


Clark Gallery+SHIFT/Sapporo

2017.1.5 - 31

Tomohiro Shibuki, an artist who is mainly creates artworks by needle wool felting, spreading his activity at home and abroad, will be held his solo exhibition “Segment” at a space Pocke from 14th to 19th December 2016, and at Clark Gallery + SHIFT in his hometown Hokkaido from 5th to 31th January 2017.

In this exhibition, he will show his “ici” series of wool stone that he continued to make as his lifework. The gap between visual and tactile like hard and soft, heavy and light, makes the people smile, and turn our eyes towards the existence of the stone that is always around us like the air.

The stone, which is a piece of earth, exists in the big time flow that is immeasurable for us. In the gallery space, a rock garden made with wool will also appear. We have a culture that used stones to express a great view of nature in Japan. Feel familiar with how to capture things in the base of Japanese spirit like likening one thing to another to love.

Design Harbour 2016 Hong Kong

Lanson Place Hotel/Hong Kong

2016.3.22 - 27

Design Harbour aims to add a new flavor to Art Basel, Asia’s main contemporary art fair. In its carefully curated exhibition “The Best of East and West”, DH presents 12 international leading edge designers and prestigious design brands and showcases unique and limited edition pieces.

Ensouler Design Festival 安所樂設計展


2015.7.31 - 8.9

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